Duct Blaster Test

A duct leakage test is a test we perform on the HVAC duct lines to calculate how much they leak. We can perform this test for consulting, codes, and Energy Star. This test is mandatory in 2009 IECC, 2012 IECC, and Energy Star Homes.

When should home owners have their system tested? There are tons of reasons but we will list a few that we believe are important points.

-Any time you believe your house could be more efficient.

-Building a new home.

-There is  high humidity in the house

-You notice unusual amounts of dust.

-The color of your paint changes color around your supply ducts

-Hardwood floors buckle around supply ducts

-Having your duct work cleaned? Leaky ducts will only suck in dirt, insects, insulation, debris, pollen, ect.... Do not have your ducts cleaned before you have them tested and sealed! It will do you absolutely no good.