New Codes Are Here Now!

If your building a new home or renovating an old home we are here to help you through the entire process. Everything from UA factors to energy compliance, TPI is here to help. We offer low pricing, and down to earth solutions to help you thorough the process of getting your Certificate of Occupancy fast and efficiently. We do not offer services to "fix" failing test, we are simply a consulting company but the best part is we just want you to PASS. In other words we have no objective to sell you services. We all know that contractors and builders can fix things cheaper than we ever could; we just consult you on how to do it. All our equipment is within calibration and all our inspectors are fully certified.

TPI can conduct blower door test or duct leakage test for all the new codes.The 2009 IECC is already adopted by many cities and municipalities as you read this, but the 2018 IECC is soon to be adopted by many cities with in the 2018 year.

Make sure that your inspection company is a RESNET member. All RESNET members are licensed and certified to operate the equipment needed to pass code compliance. RESNET members are also required to provide proof that all their equipment is within calibration yearly. We also have to attend approved continued education. A company that does not have to adhere to these standards can get your company in serious financial and code compliance problems. The meters, and fans we use have to be correctly calibrated, hooked up, and dialed in correctly. For example: if they hook up the meters wrong or use the wrong setting you could fail miserably; when in fact you passed if everything was within spec. TPI is a certified RESNET member, and with our certifications we can often approve homes that do not pass RESCHECK by using RESNET software which is the only way to certify Energy Star Homes, and it may be the only way to pass the UA Compliance for certain homes with the new code restrictions.

TPI is not just an energy company. We also do home inspections and understand how much work goes into building, or renovating a home. TPI highly recommends that you call us early in the building phase so we can make sure your final test goes smooth, and none of your money or time is wasted.

Make it easy on yourself and call us for free consulting on your code compliance testing today. We offer consulting services for all builders, additional fees may apply.