Indoor Air Quality Test

The indoor air quality test is performed with all mold inspections. For these test we collect samples outside, and inside the home; the contents of the air is collected and analyzed. The test will identify the contents of mold, dander, allergens, ect...We will determine whether or not the home needs remediation and will issue a full report on what was found.

Mold Inspections

Visible mold like substances are usually present in an estimated 80% of the homes we inspect in the Nashville area. The only way to tell for sure if it is in fact mold is to have your inspector test it. What can make mold dangerous is what type of mold is present, the concentration of mold, and the state of the mold. When mold reproduces it releases spores into the air, almost exactly like a plant releases pollen. High contents can cause allergies, asthma, sinus infections and more. We recommend consulting with a physician for any symptoms you believe to be caused by mold. TPI can only consult you what types of molds are present in a structure and what might be cause of the mold.  

The key to controlling mold is to control moisture, without moisture mold can not thrive. When it dies it can no longer release the spores that negatively affect people, unless it is disturbed. So if your inspector finds any substance that resembles mold we highly recommend that you have it tested, even if moisture contents are low.