Home Inspections

Tennessee Professional Inspections, LLC is a licensed , certified, and fully insured professional home inspection company. We will perform inspections all across Middle Tennessee. For every inspection we will  provide thorough professional advice through out the stressful process of buying a home. We can include professional thermal imaging, radon inspections, mold inspections, indoor air quality inspections, energy efficient mortgages, and energy audits on all home inspections at your request. You will not be disappointed with a complete home inspection from TPI: we care about our customers and are here to help. We will put the power of negotiation in your hand with our reports, and we give you piece of mind that your making the right decision.

All inspected homes will be completely and thoroughly inspected at:

· Grounds

· Roof

· Exterior

· A/C, Heating Units

· Garage

· Kitchen

· Laundry Room(s)

· Bathrooms

· Rooms

· Interior

· Basement/Crawlspace

· Plumbing

Our reports are easy to follow, with a summary on the second page outlining all the major components that need to be addressed as well as informative pictures with narratives. Our turnaround time is 48 hours; we only do two home inspections a day to ensure that you get your report when you need it, and you get the time you deserve.

For a sample home inspection report clickhere

For all our clients we will list your inspection agreement on our site for you to sign; there is  no need to print, sign, scan, or fax. You can easily do it with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on your smart phone.


Thermal Imaging and Home Inspections

If you are getting a home inspection with TPI we highly advise that you get a thermal image inspection as well to supplement your home inspection. We can find all kinds of issues with thermal imaging that other inspectors simply can not see. Some of these problems can be detrimental to a home's structure, energy consumption, occupant health, or a major safety concern. We believe that this service is so important that we simply will not let our family or friends get a home inspection with out it. We are fully certified to operate the equipment and we went the extra mile to purchase a top of the line camera to make sure you get what you pay for.

For Our Agents

  • We offer a 48 hour turn around time for home inspections, or we don't book it. It's that simple
  • TPI has endured years of training, education, in-field experience, and understands the home as a system.
  • The only way your deal will be "killed" is if the home kills it. We are thorough and make sure your clients know exactly what they are up against but since we know what is expected of a home for when it was built we will not exaggerate our findings. We will recommend everything we believe is an important aspect that should be upgraded to the home.
  • We are sentry lock approved; no need to meet us just to let us in
  • Our radon test is completely done in 48 hours, there is no need to wait for lab results
  • Our summary is on the second page with reference to the page number and section; there is no need to constantly flip back and forth to find out what you need to know
  • The reports are easy to read and does not have excessive language
  • TPI got it's start from being an agent so we know what you are up against
  • TPI is the only inspection company in Nashville to offer Home Inspections, EEM's, and HERS ratings in one company. HERS ratings should be a big interest to agents these days. Mortgage companies are realizing that energy efficient home owners default less on loans than standard homes. Beware that you may soon be asked to include a HERS rating in your MLS listing. Some states have already started asking for it. A HERS rating is like a MPG sticker on a car.
  • We offer thermal imaging, mold, and radon inspections
  • We offer 20% off home inspections for all our Energy Star Builders, and Code Compliance Builders (Beazer Homes, Woodbine Community Organization, Regency Homes, Mike Ford Homes, Energy Fit Solutions, we will also offer this promotion on Fox Ridge Homes since we did Energy Star for them the last two years)
  • You can log into our system and see every inspection we have done for you in the past; there is no need to contact us to resend the report. We understand how much paperwork you have to keep up with!
  • TPI is set up for speed, efficiency, and customer service